Lital Eliyahu

The Lital Eliyahu brand - a business start-up for a confectionery is one of the more special projects I have had the opportunity to create visually.

Lital is a full-time mom, who owns a business that is all about female empowerment. The field of desserts and confectionery allows mothers to work from home and support a family through talent and creativity.

Little polished the management and organizational skills in her own business as a successful confectioner and realized that this is a tool that can help many women.

The main message of the brand is the insight that every woman, despite the commitment to family and children, can run a home-based business and also be financially successful. Lital works with her clients at the level of execution, both on the mentality and on the management and organization capabilities of the business and accompanies many women to success.

We developed the logo visually based on the strong message of the personal and economic revolution and created a leading and special brand in its field that directs and empowers women to business and financial success.

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