Basic Challenge

Business branding for a special customer named Mia Katz Golan.

Mia recovered from metastatic cancer that affected, among other things, the upper spine of her body. She had to go through a very long recovery process and today she not only walks and runs from place to place but also treats people with serious illnesses using a special model she invented. Mia is an inspiring lecturer and conducts active workshops.

The branding we did for her was done in a combination of shades of blue jeans and warm yellow. Colors that combine young energy and warmth of a pleasant hug. The special font we chose and the bird element in the logo gave the feeling of inner flight and the ability to progress and grow from the lowest place to the highest.

Mia's 5-step recovery model was published using a special recovery diary designed under her guidance and inspiration. The diary allows recoverers to manage their illness correctly, gain inspiration and daily strength and know that there is a special personal space where difficult and easy experiences can be unloaded as one of the challenging coping with the illness and its consequences. The recovery diary is more than just another regular diary, it is a place for order and organization within the daily turmoil and also a quiet corner for ordering thoughts and filling the mental forces. In the diary you can find proverbs, pictures and inspirational stories and there is also a place to write and put out personal feelings on paper. In the diary you can prepare, keep track and improve progress according to personal ability.

Mia believes that in order to overcome a serious illness we need to stop living within the statistics and fears and start living within the picture of success - the picture in which we are healthy and happy.

The project inspired me and sharpened my attention to the smallest details. Thank you for the moments when my faith was also strengthened thanks to this project.

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